Hot water springs

Since its beginnings, Ourense has been famous for its hot water springs, which were greatly valued by the Romans who moved to the valley almost 2,000 years ago, named this cityAquis Auriensis due to the abundance of gold and hot water springs. Today it’s a reference for hot water springs in Europe, being one of the partners of the EHTTA (European Historical Thermal Towns Association) with a volume of over 4 million litres of medicinal mineral water flowing daily and a thousand year old hydrotherapeutic tradition.

The Romans’ interest in hydrotherapy is documented in the Archaeological Museum and in the excavations carried out in the surroundings of As Burgas, the historical centre of the city. In Ourense there are more than 100 hot springs of great quality with respect to their medicinal and mineral properties and high temperatures.

The point of reference for spas in Ourense is the pool of As Burgas, in the centre of the old town, a feature that is complemented by the natural layout alongside the river Miño, where there are 3 free public bathing areas, as well as 2 private hot baths (map).


Where to go

Termas de Outariz      

Termas das Burgas     

Termas da Chavasqueira

Practical information

Tips for a perfect spa experience here.

How to go

  • Bus number 19 (small train), Hot Springs Train, departing from Plaza Mayor (Mayor Square).
  • Further information here.