Instructions for authors

Please follow the instructions below:


Abstracts should be 1 page long and must include one illustrative figure outlining the quality of the results. Moreover, abstracts are expected to address the three major review criteria mentioned below. A comparison to reference solutions will be appreciated. An exemplary abstract can be found here. A pdf-version of the abstract should be submitted until the 17th of February 2017 via email to

As a novelty, this year, authors submitting abstracts can choose between: (a) research, and (b) real-life applications. This is a new development for the SPHERIC workshop designed to encourage users (academic/industrial) to submit examples of where they have tried using SPH.

Authors are also requested to assign their contribution to at least three Workshop topics in their email.

Review process

The abstract will be reviewed by at least three experts. Notification of acceptance for publication will be given until the 20th of March 2017 via email to

The quality of the abstracts will be assessed using averaged ratings for 3 equally important categories, i.e. (1) novelty, (2) applicability & impact and (3) predictive accuracy & predictive improvements over the state-of-the-art. These categories are used for both types, (a) research and (b) real-life applications, so that there is an equal process for all abstracts.

Full paper

After notification of accepted abstract, authors should prepare their full 8-page paper according to the template. It is important NOT to put any page number in the paper. It is also recommended not to spend too much space on standard SPH equations on the paper, since readers are assumed to already know basics of SPH. Respective templates can be downloaded for Word (click here) or LaTeX (click here) documents.

At least one author is expected to register before the 5th of May 2017 for the workshop and present the paper. Papers with no registered authors will not be published (cf. Registration and payment Section).

Papers should be submitted until the 5th of May 2017 in pdf format via email to

Libersky student prize

A prize will be devoted to the best student paper and its presentation. Student authors, who would like to sign up for the student prize should indicate it with the submission of the paper. Note that to be eligible for the student prize, the student must be the first author on the paper, and also give the presentation.

Oral presentations

Presentations should not exceed 13 minutes. Each session of the workshop has four (or three talks). After all presentations in one session, presenters are invited to sit at the front desk to answer questions. A PC with Powerpoint and a PDF-viewer will be available, but you can also use your own laptop (VGA adapter will be available). Best aspect ratio of the available projected space is 16:9. Before your presentation please make sure you have already tested it during breaks in advance.